24th July 2020

We recently received the March/April issue of ‘Needlepoint Now’ magazine and as is so often the case, we found the words of Elizabeth Bozievich (Publisher, Editor and Art Director) struck quite a chord with us.

Elizabeth opened her musings with the statement, ‘There is a lot going on in my needlepoint life’. To which we found ourselves declaring, ‘You too?!’.

It’s rare that any of us at Inspirations Studios have but a single project on the go at any one time – and that’s without even considering our UFO’s that aren’t technically ‘on the go’ at the moment! 

Elizabeth went to declare a number of ‘facts’ that rang true with us also…

‘When a stitching friend is working on a fantastic design that we admire, we have to have one for ourselves, NOW! We shove our current piece of needlepoint in the closest so we can start on the latest coveted design.’

‘It doesn’t matter what I’m working on, I am thinking about all the other pieces I could or should be working on.’

‘I’m so close to finishing the design, but mentally I have moved on.’

Is it just us, or do those sentiments ring true with you as well?!

Whilst there’s a certain appeal to having a number of projects on the go so we can pick and choose as our needle and thread whim so decides, there is also something a little exhausting about it as we find our thoughts, and therefore our concentration, are not always on what’s in front of us.

Elizabeth wondered that ‘maybe there is a plus side to only having one project to work on at a time; there would be no guilt about which project gets my attention first.’

And that left us wondering the same thing. Would we ever be able to find ourselves with but a single project on the go? If we did, would we be thinking only of it, or would our thoughts wander to everything our needles and threads were yet to do regardless?

What about you, are you a single project kind of stitcher or do you have more projects on the go than you’d care to admit? Do your thoughts focus only on what is in front of you or do you find them wandering elsewhere? We’d love to hear your musings on everything Elizabeth prompted us to unpack. Email

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