Postcards from the Sewing Room…

16th November 2018

As a stitcher we often embrace the more traditional methods in life, after all we like to do things by hand! An example of this is at the Inspirations office where we frequently receive beautiful hand-written notes of thanks and encouragement. Quite a treat in an era of digital correspondence.

There is something special about receiving a hand-written note from a friend or family member letting them know we’re thinking of them.

For those keeping the art of hand writing alive, this week we’re launching a new range of postcards designed especially for stitchers.

These needlework-themed postcards feature 3 different designs with 4 of each included in each pack (12 cards in total), ready to write a little note of thanks, encouragement, or even a love letter if the mood so takes you.

Who in your life would benefit from receiving a postcard from your sewing room? Order your cards today…


Postcards from the Sewing Room

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