Pipers Silks Thread Packs

23rd October 2020

In a discussion this morning, we were contemplating what it was that all embroiderers had in common, and immediately one of us piped up ‘a passion for threads’!

It’s true. There aren’t many of us who can resist embroidery threads, whether it’s because of the gorgeous colour, wonderful feel, or world of possibility each new hank, roll or skein provides.

So, with that in mind, we’ve got a treat for you. Just arrived are two simply stunning thread packs from Pipers Silks.

Pipers Silks is a family run business from Suffolk in the UK founded by Jack Piper. Now headed up by Jack’s daughter Susan Peck, the company has a silk pedigree stretching back generations.

Flowers of the Sea’ created using Pipers Silks by Helen M. Stevens

Today, these fine silks, produced exclusively for embroidery, are favoured by such world-class designers as regular Inspirations contributor, Helen M. Stevens.

For anyone new to Pipers Silks, these thread packs are a fantastic way to become familiar with this premium quality product, while at the same time adding some glisten and sheen to your projects. 

Each thread pack contains 10 rolls of shimmering silks with ‘Summer Fruits’ featuring a selection of delightful pinks and ‘Misty’ showcasing a range of blue/green hues.

With 80m of silk per roll, there will be plenty to complete a number of designs, but we guarantee that once you start stitching with this gorgeous thread, little else is ever going to feel as soft or glide as easily.


Pipers Silks Thread Pack – Misty


Pipers Silks Thread Pack – Summer Fruits

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