Pipers Silks Thread Packs | New Colours!

10th February 2023

We’ve mentioned before how much we adore Pipers Silks, a UK company producing silk threads exclusively for embroidery. Founded by Jack Piper and now run by his daughter, these quality silks are the threads of choice for many of the world’s best needlework artisans.

After our first range of Piper’s threads sold out recently, we’ve introduced 3 new exclusive colour packs.

Our new thread packs include Autumn, with gorgeous shades of oranges, reds, and yellows; Heather, with vibrant hues of purple; and Imagine, offering a splash of everything with beautiful purples, blues, pinks and reds.

L- Autumn | M- Heather | R- Imagine

Each thread pack includes 10 cops of premium quality silk threads. With a generous 80m (87.5 yards) on each cop, you’re sure to have plenty of silk to create some truly dazzling projects.

While we still have some stock available we’re not expecting them to last long, so be sure to click the link below and order today before they sell out… again!

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