Pinzette Tweezers

29th May 2020

As stitchers, we all love to have the best tools available in our tool kit.

We know that substituting with cheap alternatives is a false economy.

Stitching with the best needles we can buy, cutting with a fine pair of scissors or laying thread with a beautifully shaped mellor can mean the difference between a frustrating stitching session and a wonderful one.

This is the same with tweezers. If you’re still using that old pair of eyebrow tweezers which you found last year in a Christmas cracker, the time has come to get rid of them.

The Pinzette Tweezer is specially designed for stitchers and offers grip like no other pair of tweezers you’ve ever used before.

Shaped so that you can continue to hold them, even whilst working out the most difficult of threads, and with a point so accurate it will hold the finest silk, the Pinzette Tweezer should be an essential part of your kit.

Ideal for drawn thread work, but also indispensable for removing those pesky fibres left behind after cutting your Ghiordes knot, or removing the last of those unpicked threads, once you’ve used these beautiful tweezers you’ll never go back.

The Pinzette Tweezer also comes with an elegant leather storage case to keep the points sharp and perfectly aligned. 

Pinzette Tweezers

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PS – Don’t just take our word for it, you can read a review of these wonder tweezers by Mary Corbet HERE and view a video about them created by Cathe from Needle in A Haystack HERE

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