Pet Portraits

24th January 2020

It seems that as a civilization we are becoming more and more enamoured with our pets. Visit any department store and you can often find a whole section dedicated to every whim of our furry and feathered friends.

So, when we heard about a needlework artisan offering to stitch portraits of pets, we thought it was a great way of using our artform for both contemporary and commercial purposes.

A perfectly rendered portrait by Stitching Sabbatical (source)

Stitching Sabbatical is an embroiderer who delights in creating stunning animal portraits for her customers. As you can see, these embroideries are works of art and are so much more special than a photograph.

A work in progress (source)

Whether you just admire her talent or have a pet in mind who is portrait worthy, check out the Stitching Sabbatical’s Facebook page HERE to discover more. 

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