Our Tribe

12th October 2018

We’re all part of a tribe . . . or two, or more! The tribes we belong to may be made up of family, friends, work colleagues or acquaintances. Some of our tribes are formed online while others are shared in person.

For those of us who share a love of stitching, chances are we’ve tried to find our stitching tribe. Somewhere where our obsession with needle and thread is considered normal and we find ourselves surrounded by likeminded people! Some of us have found our tribe at a local Embroiderers’ Guild or Stitch and Chat, while others without such groups close by, may be part of an online tribe.

Most of the time, the Inspirations Tribe is held together through the pages of the magazine, our weekly newsletter, email and phone correspondence. But, once every two years, some of our tribe gather together in person as we celebrate our combined love of all things needle and thread at Beating Around the Bush, our International Needlework Convention.

We relish this opportunity as we gather with our tribe in person, put faces to the names we become so familiar with over time and share stories of what holds us together.

This week sees the team at Inspirations wrapping up the 10th Beating Around the Bush, so we hope you don’t mind, but All Stitched Up has a slightly different format than usual!

And just so you know, we’re honoured to have been part of the ‘tribe finding journey’ for many of you reading this newsletter.

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