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17th February 2023

In last week’s All Stitched Up! we shared the idea that knowing our ‘why’ behind the New Year’s resolutions we set as 2023 unfolded before us might just help keep us motivated and focused on achieving them when statistics suggest otherwise.

Since penning those words, we received a few emails that went on to explore the ‘how’ of seeing our goals come to fruition.

We hope something we’re about to share resonates with you and helps you to achieve all you’ve set out to accomplish this year.

Whilst Lifehack recognise that fuelling our internal motivation is one of the most important ways to stay motivated, one thing they suggest helps us to move toward our goals is finding an accountability partner. 

Simply having someone check in with us on a regular basis can not only help us stay consistent and productive but can also be a source of encouragement and support throughout the journey.

As well as reinforcing the idea of an accountability partner, Grit & Virtue also recommends we consider:

  1. Breaking our goals down into behavioural goals. These are simply the roadmap of actions we’ll take that will lead us toward a result. Not only can these be easier to track, celebrate and adjust, but they can also make ‘lofty’ goals feel less daunting and more achievable. 
  2. Creating a schedule that fits into our current season. This will ensure time is set aside to consistently work toward our goals.
  3. Eliminating distractions. This will make sure the time we’ve prioritised on our schedule is put to good use so we can focus on what is most important.
  4. Taking care of our physical and emotional well-being. This is often considered 80% of the battle, as a healthy body and mind will give us the energy and focus we need to help achieve our goals.

Hannah Brencher’s email reflected on learning the art of discipline. Hannah admitted that whilst the word ‘discipline’ rarely seems appealing at first glance, the results of learning the art of discipline is where the appeal lies. Put simply, it’s about putting habits, rhythms and routines in place that will put our goals in motion. 

Still struggling to find that one ‘magic’ idea that will ensure your New Year’s resolutions come to pass?!

Mr X Stitch shared a completely different approach that might just have your name on it.

After realising how haphazard the results of ‘have to’ New Year’s resolutions can be, he’s taken the pressure off himself and is simply pursuing his list of ‘want to’ activities. Although admitting to feeling the ‘stretch’ of incorporating meditation, yoga, learning to play the piano and baking sourdough into an already full life, Mr X Stitch has realised that ‘maybe it’s just that if you think something is worth it, you can find the capacity to do it’.

No matter which of these ideas resonate, the truth is, if we’re able to incorporate at least one of them into our day to day, ninety days from now, we’ll be glad we started today.

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