Other Side Of Yes

20th November 2020

After the launch of O, Tannenbaum in Inspirations issue #108, we were swapping emails with Trish Burr regarding the hustle and bustle the project has created within the Inspirations community.

In light of its success, Trish took a walk down memory lane, sharing with us the memories she has of the first project she had published in Inspirations magazine.

‘Inspirations contacted me to ask for a project. At 44, I was an older mother and not getting much sleep or coping very well but I was just yearning for some creativity and time out from nappies and feeding, so I said yes! My other daughter, who was 11 at the time, used to take over mothering for half an hour while I quickly got down to stitching. The project was Portraits of Fruit from issue #47. Probably not my best work but I loved doing it.’

The thing that captured our attention from Trish’s story was her ‘yes’ and what lay on the other side of it.

Whilst we’re certainly not suggesting Inspirations was the key to success in Trish’s career with needle and thread, we love that on the other side of her – albeit reluctant – yes, countless hours of stitching joy have been afforded to stitchers the world over. 

In light of Trish’s season in life, we have no doubt that a no would have been the easier option at the time, but we applaud the fact she said yes and then worked it out. It goes to show that when we offer the opportunities before us a ‘now yes’, rather than a ‘when I… yes’, life will often fill our hands with more than we can hold or imagine.

What is waiting for you on the other side of your yes? It may just be exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond anything you could ever think or imagine!

Email news@inspirationsstudios.com and let us know how you’re living on the other side of yes, we can’t wait to hear where it takes you.

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