On Your Feet?

9th November 2018

It’s finally happened – you’ve hung your latest framed embroidery and now have to accept there is just no more wall space in your house. So, what do you do when your fingers itch to pick up a needle, but you haven’t worked out how to hang a framed piece on the ceiling?

The solution? Open your wardrobe!

Converse, the famous shoe maker, have released a range of sneakers sporting beautifully embroidered flowers. Entitled ‘Floral Parkway’ they come in a range of colours and styles for the discerning fashionista.

The latest Converse embroidered sneakers (source)

But, as discerning embroiderers, we took one look at the price and then decided we could just as easily make our own!

So why not get your sneakers out and start stitching, then after that you can embroider your jeans, jackets, shirts….

Hand stitched sneakers (source)

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