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27th January 2023

Within this book there is literally an entire garden of beautiful Elizabethan flowers for you to stitch. The way Susan has presented the information allows you to choose numerous options as to how to re-create each motif, and we’re thrilled to offer a range of kits to match this flexibility.

To browse the entire range of Flowers for Elizabeth kits, click HERE, or peruse the various options below to best suit your preferences:


Whether you’re looking for a complete kit for the blanket with everything you need to finish this masterpiece yourself, or a thread pack with just the wool threads, we’ve got you covered.


Flowers for Elizabeth: Blanket – FFE Kit


Flowers for Elizabeth: Blanket Thread Pack – FFE Kit


12 stunning hero motifs, each featuring flowers handpicked by Queen Elizabeth I herself, are now available as individual kits.

Finished in the finest quality Au Ver à Soie silk threads and stitched on ivory silk duchess satin, each Pinwheel kit comes with everything you need to create a finished pinwheel with enough threads to stitch the same motif three times.

Why three times you may be asking?

This gives you the flexibility of buying a single kit but allowing you to stitch the one motif across several items so you can create a matching set of accessories such as pinwheel, scissor sheath and a needlebook or another application of your choosing. See below regarding buying additional materials for a scissor sheath and needlebook.


Flowers for Elizabeth | Individual Motifs Pinwheel Kits


As a special value add for this publication, we have produced ‘blank’ Scissor Sheath and Needlebook kits that are perfect to add an embroidered motif from the Flowers for Elizabeth garden, or any other design of your own choosing.

Each blank kit comes with ivory silk duchess satin fabric, ivory silk and gold rayon sewing thread, 25 x gold paillettes, plus card and thin fusible wadding.

The blank Needlebook kit adds a glass pebble bead for the clasp and cream wool flannel for the needle pages.

How does a blank kit work?

The blank kits are finished projects in their own right, the only elements not included in these kits are threads to add a design or motif.

In this way, you can pair a blank Scissor Sheath and Needlebook kit with a Pinwheel Kit of your favourite floral design and you will have everything you need to create all three accessories with the design stitched on each.

L – Heartsease & Eglantine | M – Borage & Honeysuckle | R – Peony & Buttercup

To add a different design into the mix, just purchase another Pinwheel Kit (or two!) which have all the threads you need to stitch each motif.  

The combinations are endless! 


Needlebook – FFE Kit


Scissor Sheath – FFE Kit

Just a quick reminder that Flowers for Elizabeth kits do not come with instructions as everything you need to create the blanket, pinwheels, scissor sheath and needlebook (including construction) plus detailed set-by-steps for all the motifs are included in the book (sold separately) along with all the pattern sheets.

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