New Gloriana Thread Sample Packs

8th July 2022

There are so many gorgeous brands of threads available, it is often difficult to decide which ones to try next. In a perfect world, we’d all have our own, personal, fully stocked thread shop in our living room. The world might not be that perfect quite yet, but with our new range of Gloriana Thread Sample Packs, we can help you get one step closer to that fantasy!

Gloriana Threads are stunning, hand-dyed threads that are specifically designed for the very best results. Gloriana offer a range of different threads and ribbons, including exquisite silks, wools and chenille.

We now have in stock three beautiful new sample packs of Gloriana’s iconic silk thread.

Each skein contains 4 yards (3.6m) of uniquely hand-dyed, 12-strand silk, which is soft to the touch and gorgeous to stitch with.

The Autumn pack includes a range of gold, auburn and hazelnut silk. The Sunset pack includes a deep purple, burgundy and a variegated skein in plum and brown. The Wintertime pack consists of a blue, a rich green and a shining white silk.

The experience of stitching with Gloriana is one like no other. That extra special project deserves some extra special silk, so order your packs today.

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