New from Japan | Cohana Tape Measure & Scissors

31st July 2020

Everyone deserves a little bit of luxury, especially when that luxury equates to finely crafted accessories sure to last you a lifetime. And luxury is not only about durability and quality, it’s also about that feeling you get when you use something truly special. Something like the range of Japanese hand-crafted Cohana accessories.

Made from the finest materials to absolute perfection, Cohana products come from the makers of Nuno Deco, Kawaguchi. They have sourced skilled artisans to craft their sewing accessories, which make ideal gifts or a special treat, just for you.

Tape Measure

The Cohana tape measure is more like 90% art and 10% tape measure. Sure, it measures everything you want in exacting increments to the millimetre (both sides are metric), but it’s the hand-crafted leather cover and the tiniest details that have been engineered into its creation, that make it a textural and visceral pleasure to use.

It may be priced at a premium, as are all handmade designer tools. However, in this instance it’s also as much a fashion accessory as anything else. While its compact design will fit in the smallest of sewing baskets, you will be very tempted to carry this beautiful art piece with you everywhere. And before long you may even find yourself measuring all manner of random objects just to hear people around you say, ‘where did you that exquisite tape measure from?’. It really is that good!

Miniature Scissors

Who could imagine that something so diminutive could be so perfectly made?

These little scissors are absolutely adorable and their size makes them perfect to pop into your project box or sewing bag, knowing you’ll always have a quality pair of scissors at hand.

Enjoy exquisite Japanese craftsmanship and elegant Japanese styling with these gorgeous accessories. Scissors come in a choice of three different coloured tassels with tape measures available in yellow or blue (please note tape measures are metric only).


Cohana Mini Scissors – Blue


Cohana Mini Scissors – Pink


Cohana Mini Scissors – Yellow


Cohana Leather Tape Measure – Blue


Cohana Leather Tape Measure – Yellow

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