New Digital Patterns | Inspirations #51

17th September 2021

Inspirations issue #51 included so many gorgeous projects, you could well ask why has it taken us so long to release them as digital patterns!? Well, if it’s any consolation they are so fabulous it will take us two issues of All Stitched Up! to do them justice. Here are the first four for you to enjoy: 

The Shaggy Dog

The Shaggy Dog is a simply adorable threadpainted portrait of a little white dog by Di van Niekerk. Even if you don’t own a dog like this one, you’ll fall in love with his forlorn little face and beautiful brown eyes.

Little Darlings

Cockatoo Apple

For lovers of the fine technique of Casalguidi, Cockatoo Apple by Judy Stephenson is a striking design depicting this unique Australian flower. Using an array of stitches, the finished piece is made up into a lovely project bag.

Golden Dreams

Finally this week, Golden Dreams is a simply stunning bracelet and hair clip set worked in goldwork. This project would make a gorgeous addition to an evening outfit, offering a truly unique fashion statement.

You can purchase and download any or all of these patterns today and look out for the rest of the digital patterns from Inspirations issue #51 next week.

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