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7th May 2021

Whenever you bite into a fresh, green grape, your tastebuds are tingled by the sweet, delicious explosion of flavour. People have been eating and drinking grapes for millennia, as fresh fruit, in various dried varieties and turned into juice and wine. Green grapes in particular are a favourite for the table or the bottle and come in a huge number of varieties.

In homage to this most ancient of fruits, we’re pleased to announce the release of Julie Kniedl’s wonderful 3D embroidered grapes as a digital pattern.

Originally published in Botanica: The Three Dimensional Embroidery of Julie Kniedl, the design is of an uncannily realistic bunch of lush green grapes, complete with a vine leaf, stalk and curling tendril, all worked in Julie’s incredible 3D technique.

Although the pattern is to produce a bunch of grapes with seven round fruits, once you have made one bunch you could easily create more. Just by changing the size of the bunch, the size of each grape or even the colour, this versatile pattern will allow you to produce a cornucopia of grape clusters which will never fade or go off.

The clear instructions for this stunning project mean that you will master the 3D technique in no time and be ready to let your creativity run wild.

If you’ve never attempted one of Julie Kneidl’s projects before, now is the perfect time. You can purchase and download this fabulous pattern and be stitching your first bunch of grapes in a matter of minutes. 

Grape Kits Available

We also have some Ready-to-Stitch kits for this project still available, with all the threads, fabric, felt, wires and needles sourced and packaged up ready for you to re-create this fabulous project exactly as it appears in the digital pattern. See links for both below.

Digital Patterns

Grapes – Botanica Digital


Grapes – Botanica Kit

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