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8th March 2019

Over the past few weeks most of the new digital patterns we’ve released have been projects requested by our amazing readers.

This week ‘Fairy Flowers’ by Peta McMillan from Inspirations Issue 56 has just been added to our website in response to an email we received from Ann Baseden in the UK:

‘You mentioned in a recent newsletter that we should let you know if there was a project from an earlier issue that we were interested in. Our local textiles emporium runs various workshops and for the first time is running a Snutki workshop in April this year and, as I had not heard of this technique before, I looked it up on the internet. I discovered Peta’s doily and would be most grateful if you could offer it as a digital pattern.

Best Wishes, Ann’

Thank you for the suggestion Ann and for drawing our attention to the intriguing technique of Snutki, also known as Polish eyelet or spider web embroidery.

Fairy Flowers, an exquisite little doily, is the perfect introductory project to Snutki and includes tip and tricks for beginners by designer Peta McMillan along the way.

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Fairy Flowers

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