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28th February 2020

A very popular and common theme we find amongst our readers is their unending love for their pets. Pets are an integral part of our family, bringing comfort during times of sadness and constant joy with their unconditional loyalty and love. This is why losing a pet can often be such a devastating moment in our lives.

One reader contacted us during just such a difficult time for one of her dear friends. Her friend had recently lost her beloved cat, and so the reader asked whether we could reprint the pattern ‘British Blue’ from Issue #30 so she could stitch it as a gift. 

It is always a pleasure to be able to grant wishes, and in this case, we hope that this project provides comfort and a perfect memorial.

If you’d like to stitch your own version of British Blue either for yourself or a friend, it is now available to purchase as a digital pattern for immediate download.

Digital Patterns

British Blue – i30 Digital

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