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26th February 2021

Indoor plants are a fantastic thing to have – evidence shows that they bring calm to a room and reintroduce nature to built-up environments. However, remembering to water them can be a challenge so succulents are often chosen for indoor plants due to their low maintenance, although even they are subject to neglect.

Now, we are not suggesting that any of our readers neglect their plants! But wouldn’t it be nice to have the pleasure of indoor plants without having to worry about their ongoing care? What about crocheting a group of the cutest little succulents imaginable?

Stylish Succulents to Crochet by Sarah Abbondio is filled with easy to hook patterns for adorable potted plants.

Crochet an Aloe Vera, a Fenestraria or a flowering Escobaria Abdita. There are 15 different types of plants to crochet, in an array of colours, styles and textures and all guaranteed to be easy care and to last forever.

One of these plants would make a perfect gift for the busy gardener or hook up the whole set and turn your office or workspace into a haven of green. While the crocheted version may not quite replicate the full botanic experience afforded by a living plant, they are a lovely place to start.

Stylish Succulents to Crochet

Sarah Abbondio
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