New Book | Sashiko Stencils 2

21st July 2023

Sashiko embroidery is a Japanese stitching technique that uses running stitch to create intricate and ornate patterns.

The striking traditional combination of white thread on deep blue fabric highlights the exquisite patterns.

Typically, stitchers purchase pre-printed fabric to stitch on, however this week we’re releasing ‘Sashiko Stencils 2: Crests, Borders and Classic Motifs’.

This is the second in the collection and allows stitchers to provide their own fabric to transfer the designs onto. The pack contains nine 3” x 5” designs across three 5” x 9” durable plastic stencils for easy reuse, and a detailed instruction booklet to guide you through the process of using them.

The simplicity of the technique means it can be enjoyed by stitchers of all ages and abilities, and the Sashiko stencils are a great way to guarantee accurate stitches and spacing every time.

To create your very own Sashiko designed piece, Sashiko Stencils 2 is now available for purchase on our website.

Sashiko Stencils #2

Sylvia Pippen
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