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25th November 2022

There has been a lot of chatter on the needlework vine over the past several weeks about a collaboration between the Royal School of Needlework and Jenny Adin-Christie.

For those who are new to needlework, the RSN are like the Royal Family and Jenny is one of their Princesses whom we all love and adore.

Then there is whitework.

When you put all three together you end up with a magical new publication, part of the RSN series, called Fine Whitework by Jenny Adin-Christie.

Now you’re going to hear a lot about this book for several reasons…

Jenny is one of the RSN’s most prominent and successful graduates who has blazed an incredible career for herself due to her extraordinary talent and magnificent designs. 

When it comes to whitework, there are few embroiderers who are as skilled and knowledgeable as Jenny.

The release of this book has been timed to coincide with the RSN celebrating 150 years, which is an exceptional accolade.

Put it all together and you have one of the greatest artisans of our time, giving a master class in one of the most popular traditional techniques, honouring the teaching and love for embroidery she received thanks to the RSN.

This is one of those classic books everyone ends up having in their stitching reference library, it’s that good.

Congrats to Jenny for pouring her heart and soul into it, the RSN for their 150th and to Search Press for publishing a literary great that will be valued by generations.

RSN: Fine Whitework

Jenny Adin-Christie
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