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26th August 2022

People who adore their pets will always want to find ways to celebrate and immortalise them. This is why embroidered pet portraits have been all the rage recently. You may have admired some of the stunning pet portraits you’ve seen on Instagram or Pinterest but never dreamed that you could create your own. Michelle Staub has just published a new book that shows you just how easy it is to stitch a special portrait of your favourite furry friend.

This book has projects for both beginner and experienced stitchers, so it is suitable whatever your skill level and whatever type of portrait you’d like to create. With detailed instructions for a series of projects featuring dogs and cats, you can try working a stitched outline portrait or get stuck into one of the incredibly detailed, photographically accurate threadpainted portraits.

The book also contains plenty of information on how you can successfully stitch your very own pet, with tips on photography, transferring outlines and choosing colours. Whether you stitch one of Michelle’s projects or create your very own, these pet portraits are breathtaking masterpieces in the making that will show the world how much you love your special friend in a beautifully personal way.

Stop worrying about whether you’re able to create an accurate likeness of your furry companion and start doing it with Pet Portrait Embroidery by Michelle Staub. You’ll be amazed at just what you can achieve.

Pet Portrait Embroidery

Michelle Staub
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