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9th October 2020

If you’re inspired by the idea of monograms, we have something special for you. The new book by Di van Niekerk, Monograms and Words in Ribbon Embroidery, is filled with stunning letters embroidered in a style unlike any other.

Di has combined the magic of colour with the amazing texture of ribbon embroidery in this series of exquisite and versatile characters.

Each letter is formed using a gorgeous combination of surface and ribbon embroidery, with ornate floral detail, delicious pastel tones and a glorious use of watercolour paint to add that extra special touch.

Combine the letters to make words or use them individually to decorate just about anything, from baby clothes to boxes, embroidered cards to linens and so much more. 

If you’ve never tried ribbon embroidery before, or if you’ve been looking for new inspiration for your ribbon collection, then this book is ideal. You’ll be hunting for excuses to use letters anywhere and everywhere you can.

Monograms and Words in Ribbon Embroidery

Di van Niekerk
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