New Book | Japanese Motifs by Jane Nicholas

2nd December 2022

It seems that 2022 has been a banner year for the release of premium quality needlework books.

Authors such as Jenny Adin-Christie, Elisabetta Sforza, Hazel Blomkamp, Jo Butcher and Maria Rita Faleri are just a few international super stars who have released amazing titles this year. Not to mention our own book A Passion for Needlework 4.

Now there is another super star to add to the 2022 book list - Japanese Motifs in Stumpwork and Goldwork by Jane Nicholas.

It doesn’t matter how often we wax lyrical about Jane’s achievements or the number of superlatives we use to describe her work, one can never over state her excellence.

In her latest publication, Jane does what she does best – a deep dive into a topic that has captured her interest, this time the fascinating history and rich culture of Japanese family crests. And what a rich bounty of culture and a stunning array of motifs she has unearthed during her journey!

In Japanese Motifs in Stumpwork and Goldwork, Jane has stitched 12 masterpieces reflective of her discoveries and replete with her own beautiful design interpretations.

An epic hardcover publication spanning 184 pages, you can either re-create Jane’s remarkable projects step-by-step and stitch by stitch, or use this book as a delightful source of inspiration steeped in Japanese culture and tradition.

Order your copy today using the link below.

Japanese Motifs in Stumpwork & Goldwork

Jane Nicholas
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