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22nd May 2020

Picture a wheat field on a warm, sunny day. As well as the golden sheaves glowing against the clear blue sky, if you look closely, you’ll pick out splashes of colour on the edges of the field. Red poppies, blue cornflowers, purple bell flowers and pure white daisies provide a vivid array of exquisite colour, adding to the tranquillity of the scene.

Elisabetta Sforza is an embroiderer renowned for her delicate designs and gorgeous embroidered alphabets. In her new booklet, she’s captured the scene above, designing an alphabet and a series of motifs which exude the warmth and beauty of that wheat field.

Complete with patterns for all 26 letters of the alphabet plus a range of other motifs, as well as full instructions for stitching the wheat and flowers, In a Wheat Field is the perfect companion to this week’s featured project from Inspirations issue #106 – Elisabetta’s Pane di Casa. Hurry to order your copy now as we have limited stock.

In a Wheat Field

Elisabetta Sforza
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Did You Know?

Elisabetta Sforza is so passionate about her designs she has developed a new concept called a Lively Book.

‘I personally wanted go beyond just my books and imagined an on-line chapter where my drawings could enjoy new colors and continuous fresh ideas for finishings.’

A Lively Book is an online PDF file which Elisabetta continues to add to over time. It contains different colourways for her project In a Wheatfield, so after you’ve purchased the book, with this free additional add-on to enjoy you’ll never run out of gorgeous options to stitch.

You can download a copy of the In a Wheatfield Lively Book HERE.

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