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23rd July 2021

If you’re looking for a new technique to try, then Yvette Stanton’s latest book is just what you need. Yvette, who is a whitework specialist, has produced a book introducing everyone to the fine art of Frisian whitework. This is a counted technique deriving from Friesland in the Netherlands that has echoes of Hardanger to it, but arguably offers more variety in terms of stitches and patterns.

Frisian Whitework is usually worked in white thread on white linen, however the technique often uses hints of colour for highlight with some projects worked entirely in bold coloured thread. Unlike Hardanger, this technique is worked over multiples of three rather than four threads, and it also includes a much wider variety of stitches.

Like all of Yvette’s books, Frisian Whitework is filled with projects, techniques and history.

There are clear step by step instructions so you can master all of the stitches required, and ten gorgeous projects ranging from the very small, just perfect to start out, through to large projects that you can really get your teeth into. The book also has three pattern sheets and a detailed index.

It’s time to take your counted embroidery to new heights with Frisian whitework. Complete your collection of Yvette’s gorgeous and detailed books and purchase your copy today.

Frisian Whitework

Yvette Stanton
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