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27th January 2023

Whenever we release a new book or the latest issue of Inspirations magazine, it’s always a special event for us here at Inspirations.

On average, from planning through to launch, each publication is at least six months in the making, often more, and is a concerted effort of time, talent and treasure from everyone in our amazing team. All our publications are a labour of love and it’s such a joy to share them with our community once completed.

Our latest release, however, carries with it an additional element of pride as we are giddy with joy to celebrate a new book from our very own Susan O’Connor.

Susan has been an instrumental team member here at Inspirations since the very early days with her tenure spanning 30 years and counting, the past 10 of which working as our esteemed Editor-in-Chief.

Andrea Fleming and Susan O’Connor editing A Passion for Needlework

While most of her time these days is spent presiding over our publishing team, her formidable needlework skills are forever present and it’s our great honour to announce this release, the first book for Susan since 2010.

In fact, Susan is picking up where she left of, as it was 2010 when ‘Embroidered Flowers for Elizabeth’ first captured the hearts and imaginations of the needlework community with her stunning blanket.

The original edition of the book has been out of print for several years and became so popular it’s not uncommon to see copies for sale on eBay for several hundred dollars.

The good news is that today, Flowers for Elizabeth is not just back, it’s been expanded, enhanced and completely re-imagined.

Where the original book focused solely on the blanket, Susan has spent the last few years re-creating each of the motifs featured on the blanket in silk thread and has even designed five brand new motifs.

In addition, she has also created a scissor sheath, needlebook and a series of pinwheels using these motifs.

This new book still includes all the instructions to complete the original blanket, but now with the added benefit of enjoying each motif as individual projects in both wool and silk threads.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be talking a lot more about this stunning publication, so for now our best advice is to purchase a copy of the book so you can join in as we discover all the delights a stitched Elizabethan Garden has to offer.

Flowers for Elizabeth

Susan O'Connor
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