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14th October 2022

Ah Italy… the culture, the history, the landscape, the people, the food… so many wonderful things come from this country of passion.

While we’re on the subject of passion and Italy, Maria Rita Faleri has to be one of the most passionate needlework artisans around and her dedication to traditional Italian stitching techniques is legendary.

Inspirations has published some wonderful projects of Maria’s in recent years that you can check out HERE, and now her most recent venture takes her passion to the next level.

Maria’s new book ‘i Progetti di Esemplario –I miei Retini’, which translated into English means ‘The Projects of Esemplario – My Filling Stitches’ is a beautifully presented publication celebrating pulled thread whitework embroidery.

Often books specialising in regional stitches are written in their native language and not always available in English. Fortunately for us, Maria includes both Italian and English text in the one publication, offering a rare opportunity to learn embroidery techniques that might otherwise be unobtainable.

With a range of projects included, wonderful photography featuring rich Italian surrounds and easy to read diagrams, Maria Rita has produced a dynamic and sophisticated exploration of pulled thread embroidery in a book that will delight.

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The Projects of Esemplario – My Filling Stitches Book 2

Maria Rita Faleri
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