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8th September 2023

Maria Rita Faleri has graced the pages of Inspirations magazine on numerous occasions with her stunning designs created using traditional Italian needlework techniques.

Not only is she an accomplished designer, Maria has also published numerous books and this week we’re thrilled to be adding another title by her to our online store.

Esemplario Embroidery Manual has recently been translated from Italian to English and teaches a range of embroidery and lace techniques that Maria is renowned for.

Whilst each of her books are stand-alone, this is also the precursor to The Projects of Esemplario that features numerous projects utilising the techniques taught in Esemplario Embroidery Manual.

It’s a great joy to have books such as these available to purchase, as traditional regional techniques are often written in their native language and not always available in English.

Now with the addition of Esemplario Embroidery Manual you can enjoy all three of Maria’s fascinating books by clicking HERE or add this latest title to your collection using the link below.

Esemplario Embroidery Manual – My Filling Stitches Book 1

Maria Rita Faleri
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