New Book | Embroidered Treasures: Animals

15th May 2020

The Embroiderers’ Guild in the UK is renowned for its exquisite collection of historic and modern needlework. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to browse through their collection, marvelling at and gaining inspiration from all the amazing and varied works on offer?

While we might not be able to take you to the Embroiderers’ Guild in the UK itself per se, what we can do is bring you a showcase of their treasures, with a specific focus on animals.

From squirrels to snakes, dogs to dragons, this book is full of embroidered creatures, worked in every possible technique and spanning every era.

You’re guaranteed to be inspired every time you browse through this elegant hardcover book, amazed at just how many different animals have been rendered in thread.

Embroidered Treasures: Animals

Dr Annette Collinge
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With limited stock still available, we can also bring you a showcase of birds and flowers from the other two books in the Embroidered Treasures Series. With travel restrictions still in place, they’re the perfect antidote to not being able to see the Guild’s collections firsthand!

Printed Books

Embroidered Treasures: Birds

Printed Books

Embroidered Treasures: Flowers

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