New Book | Embroidered Cat in My Pocket

3rd July 2020

Cats cuddling teddy bears, kittens falling out of boxes – who hasn’t been charmed by videos of adventurous felines, getting up to mischief and breaking the cuteness scale? Well, we can top that cuteness scale and then some with this latest book from talented Japanese embroiderer, Hiroko Kubota.

Kubota charmed the internet with her tiny, perfectly formed, embroidered cats peeking out of the pockets or button bands of otherwise plain shirts. Now, you too can create these magical creatures, decorating any item of clothing you choose with bright eyes, whiskers and a sense of fun.

Each project has step by step instructions, taking you through the intricate colour changes and blending required to complete each threadpainted masterpiece. Every stitch you place will slowly animate your furry companion, until you’ve achieved such realism, people will think there really is an inquisitive kitty peeking out of your pocket.

Embroidered Cat in My Pocket

Hiroko Kubota
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