New Book | Bonnie the Cow & Friends

20th May 2022

There aren’t too many children who can resist a giant, cuddly soft toy that they can throw their arms around and hug. Saying that, there are quite a few adults we know who love them too!

Bonnie the Cow & Friends is the latest book by Claire Gelder filled with 20 loveable crochet animals and birds made with chunky yarn so they are all large enough to really love.

You can make Bonnie herself who can be accompanied by her calf, Isla. Or perhaps you might prefer Finlay Dog or Elsie Cat or even the adorable Maisie Hedgehog.

Whichever project you choose, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with these fabulous toys.

The hardest thing is going to be saying goodbye to them when you give them to the person you crocheted them for!

Chunky yarn means these toys are made with a large hook so they are suitable for every crocheter. It also means they work up quickly, so you’ll be able to hug your new companion in no time.

We now have copies of Bonnie the Cow & Friends ready for you to start creating the perfect gift for a child, a grandchild or even yourself.

Bonnie the Cow & Friends

Claire Gelder
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