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27th November 2020

I see the sea, and the sea sees me!

On any given bright sunny day, we can often find ourselves dreaming of the ocean. Closing our eyes, we can hear the sound of gulls as they wheel about overhead and the whoosh of the waves as they hit the shore. The scent of sand and seaweed hits our nostrils and the cool ocean breeze tickles our skin.

No matter where you are in the world, the thought of the sea is so often a pleasant one that we can’t help but want to capture in stitches.

Elisabetta Sforza, who brought us In A Wheat Field, a stunning alphabet formed from wheat and poppies, has captured the beauty of the ocean in her latest book.

Entitled A Sea to Stitch, this book brings all of the elements of the ocean together in a series of mystical letters, entwined with strings of pearls and shells, and worked in magnificent ocean tones of blue, grey and brown.

Like all of Elisabetta’s books, this one provides endless possibilities. Letters can be combined into words or worked as monograms on linens and other household objects. The colours can be adjusted and changed to suit your décor and you can stitch one or all of these magnificent designs.

Now is the perfect time to start working a nautical theme. Whatever the season, bringing the beauty of the ocean into your home is guaranteed to lift everyone’s spirits.

A Sea to Stitch

Elisabetta Sforza
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