New Book | 50 Essential Blackwork Patterns 2

16th June 2023

Chrissie Juno Mann is the wonder womAn behind ‘50 Essential Blackwork Patterns’ – a blackwork lover’s dream! Not only has it been a wildly successful book, but it was also completely self-published.

With nothing else like it on the market, Chrissie’s book tapped into an unmet need and proved to be incredibly popular. So popular, in fact, that she’s published a second book.

With another 50 exquisite designs now on offer, there’s no shortage of blackwork projects to be added to your To-Stitch list!

50 Essential Blackwork Patterns – Book 2 features entirely new, never-seen-before designs, each beautifully intricate and fascinating in its own way. 

Chrissie has done an amazing job creating an extensive library of patterns ranging from beginner friendly through to the more detailed and complex. All throughout, Chrissie provides clear, easy to read step-by-steps for each design.

Whether you’re looking to continue your collection, or buy both editions, Chrissie’s range of 50 + 50 blackwork designs is sure to have something for everyone.

50 Essential Blackwork Patterns – Book 2

Chrissie Juno Mann
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