17th November 2023

It’s no secret that we’re passionate about all things needle and thread here at Inspirations HQ!

Not only do we relish the practice of laying stitch after stitch, but we love taking in all things needlework, whether they be in written, oral or visual form, and that’s one of the reasons ‘Andrea’s Impressions’ from the September-October issue of Needlepoint Now Magazine captured our attention.

Andrea opened her piece by mentioning a question many of us have either asked or been asked, ‘how long have you been stitching?’. Questions such as these elicit stories of how needlework journeys began and continue, and we love hearing each one of them as we look for similarities and differences in our own time with needle and thread, all the while learning from other people’s experiences.

Andrea went on to unpack her journey with needle and thread, which began at the age of just eight. Like many of us, her stitching style and choice of threads changed over the years as her repertoire of stitches and stash grew. As the years moved along, there was also another significant change for her. ‘It became more than just stitching. It went from a craft to a hobby to a passion.’

Then, after posing the question, ‘what is so appealing about it and why do we stitch?’, Andrea went on to share her observations in relation to the subject. For her, it’s a relaxing hobby, and as such Andrea tries to ensure she stitches daily, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Whilst this wasn’t always possible, depending on the season of life she found herself in, stitching has now become a daily practice making sure that, no matter what her day is like, Andrea makes time for needle and thread.

‘It’s a safe haven for our body and mind and allows us to release the day that we just had.’

As Andrea also asked, ‘isn’t that part of the reason we stitch?’ Our answer to that question was a resounding yes!

We’d love to hear why it is you stitch and how your journey with needle and thread began, because as Andrea mentioned in her closing sentence, ‘everyone’s stories add to the layers of our needlework community’, and we’d love your story to become another layer of the Inspirations Community.

Email us HERE, we can’t wait to share in your story of stitch.

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