More AS&E Now Available

24th May 2019

Australian Smocking & Embroidery Magazine (AS&E) was a world renowned publication spanning 100 issues between 1987 and 2012. Famous for shining a spotlight on the technique of smocking, it has been said this magazine single-handedly taught the world to smock like professionals and embellish like haute couture designers.

While it’s been several years since the final issue was released, we have some great news for those still interested in these timeless treasures.

There are still 37 of the 100 issues available to purchase in print.

Dating as far back as issue 27, you can now browse through our range of AS&E Magazines available in print on our website. As with everything that is rare and highly sought after, make sure you get in quick to avoid disappointment!


Australian Smocking & Embroidery Back Issues

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