More Beautiful Embroidered Blankets

12th April 2019

While those of us within the Inspirations Community pledge allegiance to the marvellous sport of needlework overall, each of us have our own individual teams we support, based on the different techniques and project types we engage in.

Summer Symphony by Helen Eriksson

For example, some of us cheer for the more free-flowing forms of needlework such as threadpainting and crazy patch, while others root loudly for the formal and structured techniques like Hardanger or Schwalm. Then there are those who prefer to create only functional projects with a specific/practical use, versus the team who are happy to stitch anything and everything in sight, just as long as it looks beautiful.

All of these differences are yet another reason why needlework is so magnificent - there is literally something for everyone regardless of what you fancy or which team you barrack for.

Embroidered blankets have their own strong fan base within the needlework fraternity and we often receive emails asking when the next blanket will be appearing in the magazine. It was interesting to note in our recent survey, there were also a few readers who do not feel the need for more blankets and would like to see more modern and less traditional projects to be featured. Again, it’s great to celebrate our diverse likes and dislikes.

Just like any sport however, not every team can win every game and this week it’s the blanket lovers who have something to shout about as we review the book ‘More Beautiful Embroidered Blankets’.

With such wide appeal and an array of uses on offer, blankets are one of those projects that perfectly combine both form and function. As ‘More Beautiful Embroidered Blankets’ has only just come back in print after being unavailable for many years, we thought we’d re-introduce you to some of its players…

Fruits of the Hedgerow by Carolyn Pearce

Upon receiving notice that a newborn is on the way, the first thing a needleworker does is search for that perfect project they can stitch to aptly celebrate the occasion.

Princess by Julie Graue

To help welcome a baby girl, ‘Princess’ by Julie Graue is a dainty blanket decorated with a charming vintage baby carriage. Tiny dragonflies flit around both the carriage and the monogramed lettering, all within a fine white border in stem stitch highlighted with sprays of bullion roses.

Down to the Woods by Barbara Dowling

‘Down to the Woods’ by Barbara Dowling is a trio of adorable plush teddy bears set in a garden of pastel flowers, complete with tiny insects. The finished blanket measures 116cm x 83cm wide (45 5/8” x 32 5/8”) and is backed with cotton fabric and edged with satin blanket binding.

My Toybox by Kris Richards

Keeping with the theme of bears, ‘My Toybox’ by Kris Richards is a fun design featuring two cuddly teddies sitting alongside some classic favourite toys such as a sail boat, spinning top, drum, wooden blocks and more. One of our favourite aspects of this design has to be the cute-as-pie girl bear sitting in her little sun dress eating an ice-cream – too cute!

Showtime by Louise Spriggs

To round out the selection of children’s blankets on offer in the book is ‘Showtime’ by Louise Spriggs. Roll up, roll up and join in on all the fun of the circus with a cheeky elephant carefully balancing a ball on his long trunk under a line of colourful bunting.

Scheherazade by Anna Scott

Moving on now to some fun for the adults, ‘Scheherazade’ by Anna Scott is a blanket that may be hard to pronounce but very easy to fall in love with. This dramatic French navy blanket incorporates exotic blooms stitched in rich tones of gold, coral, violet and red. Bordered on four sides with bright blanket stitch pin wheels, the finished blanket measures 150 cm (59”) square.

Berry Delight by Jan Kerton

One of our favourites from the book is ‘Berry Delight’ by Jan Kerton. The bright golden wings of a resting butterfly immediately grab your attention, as it nestles on a wreath of beaded blackberries and delicate stumpwork flowers.

With a total of 9 stunning blankets included in the book, we’ve run out of time to look at all of them today, but if you are a fan of embroidered blankets, this is a must have publication.

Did You Know…

Since the first issue of Inspirations Magazine was released, we have featured a total of 72 blankets. In fact, if you include the blanket projects we’ve published in our books such as ‘More Beautiful Embroidered Blankets’, it’s more like 100 different blanket designs that are now part of the Inspirations library. So, if you’re looking for a blanket to embroider, we’ve got you covered!

Make Your Own Beautiful Blanket

Copies of ‘More Beautiful Embroidered Blankets’ can now be ordered from our website and shipped directly to your door anywhere in the world.

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As for the other 72 blankets within the Inspirations Magazine library, to help you find which issues they’re in, the recently updated Index covering issues 1-100 will be your new best friend.

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