Modern Girls and Grannies

4th November 2022

When we first heard about the title of this book, we were curious about a few things.

Q1 – How did Granny Squares get their name?
Q2 – Are the terms Modern Girls and Granny mutually exclusive? 

As you ponder these questions, let us tell you all about this book…

A Modern Girl’s Guide to Granny Squares features some wonderfully innovative and fun designs for creating Granny Squares – or crochet blocks as they are otherwise known.

Get the kids involved in making rainbow, watermelon or love heart designs to mention just a few, or create them yourself to make a fabulously fun throw or a ‘brighten up your day’ cushion for the sofa.

We only have a few books left, so order your copy today and have some fun being either a Modern Girl, a Granny or even both!

Oh… here are our answers to the questions:
Q1 – The name itself holds the answer
Q2 – Never!

A Modern Girl’s Guide to Granny Squares

Celine Semaan, Leonie Morgan
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