Modelled by Dad

9th September 2022

When Emily Beaver from Arkansas, USA started designing crocheted clothing, she may have dreamed that one day her creations would be on the Paris catwalk. However, as her skills and talent grew, the catwalk models failed to appear. So, Emily recruited the next best person to showcase her gorgeous designs. Her Dad.

Jeff Beaver had always supported his daughter’s creativity. He had also never been afraid to look silly. He enthusiastically donned Emily’s colourful creations and then strutted, danced, twirled and posed his way into the hearts of millions of social media users worldwide.

Since Jeff has started modelling his daughter’s crocheted crop tops, Emily’s business has grown at a rapid rate and her fan base has increased exponentially. It’s even allowed Emily to pursue her dream of crocheting and designing full-time.

So next time your Dad tries to embarrass you by dressing up and strutting his stuff, make sure you get the phone out and start the video rolling! You never know, he could be the next, fabulous, internet sensation and the springboard for your fabulous, creative career.

You can read more about Emily and Jeff Beaver HERE.

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