Miniature Doll House Cushions

2nd April 2021

We are endlessly fascinated by everyday accessories made miniature, which is why so many people still marvel over doll houses. To see tiny kitchen settings or minute lounge rooms provides endless delight, especially when the details are captured to perfection.

Eugenia and Georgy of MiniArtHouse have taken their love of doll houses to the next level. They produce perfectly embroidered mini cushions, all 3.5cm x 3.5cm, covered with tiny stitches and worked in the most intricate of fashions.

Requiring a steady hand and steady eye, these diminutive works of art simply take your breath away. The Moscow-based team also specialise in other doll house accessories, but it is their skill with needle and thread that, for us, truly set them apart.

If you’d like to see more of Eugenia and Georgy’s work, you can read about them at MyModernMet, see their designs at their Instagram page @miniarthouse or if you are a doll house afficionado and would love one of their perfectly crafted items, you can view the range at their Etsy store.

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