23rd August 2019

A milestone can be described as ‘a significant stage or event in the development of something.

Often the milestones we celebrate are age or number specific – 1st, 18th and 21st Birthdays, 10th, 25th and 50th Anniversaries and we’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but All Stitched Up! has reached a little milestone of its own – our 200th issue and this week we’re celebrating!

Whilst planning the celebration we found ourselves talking about past issues, our current newsletter format and some ideas of what we might unpack in future editions and then we realised – isn’t that the focus of so many of our milestone celebrations?!

Reflecting on what’s been, celebrating the now and anticipating what is yet to come.

Although life gets busy and taking the time out to celebrate anything can be a challenge, it always seems easier to celebrate milestones that have tangible stages or numbers attached to them. But what about the things in life that aren’t so clearly delineated? Do we think about taking the time to celebrate those?

One such ‘event’ that came to mind was our needlework. Do we ever really stop and celebrate our milestones along the way? If you’re anything like us, most likely not, but we’ve come to realise that the progress and achievements we make with needle and thread are indeed worthy of milestone celebrations!

So, next time you have needle and thread in hand, make sure you take the time to celebrate the milestones you’re achieving. The milestone may be as simple as sourcing all the requirements for a specific project or completing the often-tedious task of transferring the design onto the fabric. Or it may be that you choose to celebrate the more significant milestones such as completing a particular component of an elaborate project or laying that final stitch.

Whatever it is, we hope you’ll take the time to celebrate and thank you for joining us in our milestone 200th issue of All Stitched Up!

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