Men Who Stitch…

28th June 2019

When we think of embroidery, most of us think of women. If we do think of men embroidering, it is unlikely the first image of the male embroiderer we’d form would be that of New Zealand farmer, Neville Simons.

Neville Simons with his work (source)

After a serious accident where Neville was trampled by a herd of cows, he reassessed his life and his capabilities. Although still passionate about restoring cars, he has found that

…embroidery provides a meditative and effective form of rehabilitation.

Some of Neville’s embroidery (source)

Not all men would be comfortable walking into a room full of women at their local embroiderer’s guild, but it doesn’t faze this gentleman. We can only imagine they love him for it as well. It just goes to show that the benefits of needlework know no boundaries at all.

You can read more about Neville’s inspiring story on the Stuff website HERE.

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