Meadow Song by Deborah Love

31st May 2024

It’s such a lovely notion to think that people might burst into song whenever they experience joy. You know, like what happens in a musical.

There you are watching a movie, when suddenly out of nowhere something good happens and a rousing merry melody strikes up to signify the moment.

Perhaps it’s not too far off real life, or at least a more subdued version, as people will often whistle or hum a tune while they work, typically as an expression of joy.

Our feature project for this week is very aptly named Meadowsong as Deborah Love has created a simply joyous embroidered sachet that does indeed make you feel like bursting into song.

If you don’t know much about Mountmellick embroidery, here are a few headlines:

The town of Mountmellick in Ireland has a rich tradition in both textile production and hand embroidery. Developed in the mid-1820s by Johanna Carter, Mountmellick embroidery designs were worked in a heavy white cotton thread on white cotton fabric.

Satin stitch, French knots and chain stitch, among others, are used for the designs, with each piece traditionally bordered by a unique knotted edging stitch known as Mountmellick stitch.

Staying true to the tradition of the technique, Meadowsong beautifully showcases the contrast of raised, textured embroidery sitting proudly against a remarkably smooth, flat surface.

In fact, one of the most unique features of this project is the use of cotton satin jean fabric. This is a specialist fabric with a closely woven surface that is particularly sturdy and robust allowing stitches to stay firmly put wherever you place them.

We particularly like the beautiful, scalloped edge that Deborah has created that complements the floral design of the pouch.

Meadowsong is an elegant, charming project that is as pretty as it is practical with its understated design and robust qualities.

Mountmellick, a form of whitework, is sturdier than most techniques making it perfect for practical pieces such as this pouch, which can be used as a useful storage accessory or turned it into an evening or bridal bag by adding a simple cord.

Quick to work, this charming sachet is the perfect project as an introduction to Mountmellick embroidery and ideal to stitch when looking for a pretty gift.

If you do have difficulty sourcing the cotton satin jean fabric, we still have Ready-to-Stitch kits available that include this unique fabric.

Only question remaining is, which song will you sing as you stitch this joyous project?

Make Your Own Meadowsong

We have all the materials you need to re-create this project yourself, from easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions to a Ready-to-Stitch kit with everything sourced for you.

Printed Magazines

Inspirations Issue 122

Digital Patterns

Meadowsong – i122 Digital


Meadowsong – i122 Kit

*Instructions – As this kit does not include instructions, for step-by-step directions on how to create this project, please refer to Inspirations magazine issue 122 or the Meadowsong digital pattern, both purchased separately.

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