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1st October 2021

Just before you start hunting around for your next project, we wanted to remind you about the work of Maria Rita Faleri. Maria has produced a stunning series of projects worked in the simple, yet beautiful, Catherine de’ Medici stitch.

Caterina from Inspirations issue #107 is an elegant pattern for a table mat worked in white on natural linen.

Natural Wonder, which featured in Inspirations issue #111, offers the next step in this fascinating technique, with a slightly more challenging design, this time worked into a rustic cushion. 

Instructions and Ready-to-Stitch kits for both designs are still in stock.

Plus, we also have the beautiful 6ct Burratto Greggio Unbleached Linen that Maria uses for these designs available to purchase, sourced directly from Italy.


Caterina – i107 Kit

Printed Patterns

Caterina – i107 Print

Digital Patterns

Caterina – i107 Digital


Natural Wonder – i111 Kit

Digital Patterns

Natural Wonder – i111 Digital


6ct Burratto Greggio Unbleached Linen

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