Margaret Lee Exhibition & Fiber Talk Podcast

25th June 2021

A few weeks ago we let everyone know about Margaret Lee’s fabulous exhibition showcasing her exquisite silk embroidery currently being held at Gallery76 in Sydney.

Not all of us will be lucky enough to get there, so you are not alone in feeling disappointed if you too have to miss out on seeing her work or attending one of her fascinating lectures.

To help those unable to attend join in on some of the fun, the team at Fiber Talk contacted us to let us know they recently caught up with Margaret for an interview that you can watch and listen to HERE.

Gary and Beth from FiberTalk turn the microphone (and camera!) over to the exhibition curator April as she and Margaret take us on a personal tour piece by piece.

This video is such a treat – it’s almost as good as being there with the added benefit of listening to Margaret share her incredible depth of knowledge in all things needlework and give us insights into the back story of each piece as we marvel at her truly stunning needlework.

If you are able to attend the exhibition, it’s running until 1st July with further details available HERE. In any event, this latest episode of Fiber Talk is a must watch for any needlework enthusiast and for anyone interested in Margaret’s books, we’ve including links below.

Printed Books

The Art of Chinese Embroidery

Printed Books

The Art of Chinese Embroidery 2

Printed Books

The Art of Bead Embroidery Japanese-Style

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