L’uccello Thread Cards

1st May 2020

In All Stitched Up! last week, we encouraged you to sort out your ‘rat’s nest’ of threads when we released our DMC Storage Tin HERE. How are you going with all of those threads?! While we’ve got you in the mood for tidying, we’ve got something else that you’re going to love – delightful thread cards from L’uccello.

Robust enough to hold thread, ribbons or even lace, these thread cards are printed with antique French ephemera and fabric and would look just stunning in your work basket or project bag.

Made from sturdy cardboard, and with three thread cards in a pack, you won’t ever need to use scraps of corrugated cardboard or old cornflake boxes to tidy your threads again. Tidy your threads with a touch of antique French elegance by grabbing your pack of thread cards today.

L’uccello Thread Cards – La Meilleure Qualite

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