Love, Crochet and Giving Back

14th June 2019

You’ve probably all seen this amazing young man before, due to the recent publication of his book entitled Hello, Crochet Friends! Making Art, Being Mindful, Giving Back: Do What Makes You Happy. This large title pretty much sums up the 11-year-old boy from Wisconsin USA who learned to crochet at 5 years old and hasn’t stopped since.

Jonah with one of his blankets (source)

Jonah enjoys nothing more than crocheting after school with the love of his life – his Mum.

The fact he’s now a crochet social media star barely registers with this stitching dynamo, who donates some of his earnings to charity, and uses the rest to buy wool and build a future for himself.

Some of his more challenging pieces (source)

You can’t help but love his grin, and all this without an iPad or TV in sight. Well done Jonah! You can read more about Jonah’s inspiring story on the NPR website HERE.

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