4th September 2020

Have you ever found yourself lost in the stitching before you? You know that moment when you realise the world around you ceases to exist and it’s just you, your needle, thread and fabric?

Whilst it’s a feeling common to many of us, I wonder how often we stop to consider what it is about our time with needle and thread that makes this possible.

After coming across this quote about reading: ‘A good book can transport you far from home and stay with you long after you have read the final page.’ – we found ourselves thinking on this a little more than usual. 

What is it about stitching? Sure, there’s the meditative push and pull of needle and thread through fabric that allows us to focus solely on what’s before us, but then we realised, that just like a good book…

A good piece of stitching can transport you far from home and stay with you long after you have laid the final stitch.

And the reasons for this are many and varied! It might be the historical context of a piece that transports us to another time, the origins of a technique that carries us to another place, the story that’s unfolding before us as we lay each new stitch that captures our attention, or perhaps it’s the reason we’ve taken up needle and thread on a particular occasion that allows our thoughts to wander to why we’re stitching or indeed to whom we’re stitching for.

What is it for you that allows your stitching to transport you far from home? We’d love to know, so email news@inspirationsstudios.com.  

Whilst the reasons we find ourselves lost in needle and thread vary from person to person and piece to piece, we’re grateful we’re able to escape the world around us by simply plying our passion for needlework whenever and wherever the desire so takes us.

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