Linen, Linen and More Linen…

20th August 2021

There is no such thing as too much fabric, right? Every stitcher needs to have at least a few pieces put away ready for that moment when you want to start a new project or get a burst of inspiration. We understand! This is why we’ve added some more fabrics to our range, to ensure that you’re never caught short.

Graziano white linen

Working on fine linen is always a joy, and Graziano linen is some of the finest available. In 38ct to 45ct, Graziano can be used for all kinds of surface embroidery, as well as for counted embroidery for those with a good eye and keen skills.

From Hardanger through to Deerfield, Graziano is superb.

We have three colours available: ivory, natural and white. The ivory is 45ct, the natural is 38ct, and we have both counts available in white.

White | Ivory | Natural

Permin linen is also one of the highest quality linens on the market and is a number one choice for counted embroiderers. We have available Beautiful Beige and Optical White, both in 32ct that are ideal for all kinds of counted embroidery.

Linen/Cotton Blend – Sand

Finally, for the surface stitchers out there, we are now stocking an all-purpose linen/cotton blend in Sand. This fabric provides a base for many different types of surface embroidery, offering a tight weave that won’t distort or result in any lost stitches.

All of our fabrics are available to purchase in 50cm lengths, although if you do require a larger piece, we are more than happy to accommodate. It’s time to replenish the fabric stash!


Graziano Linen – Ivory 45ct


Graziano Linen – White 45ct


Graziano Pronto Linen – White 38ct


Graziano Pronto Linen – Natural 38ct


Permin Linen – Beautiful Beige 32 ct


Permin Linen – Optical White 32 ct

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