Lefkaritiko Lace – A Disappearing Art

15th May 2020

The world is changing, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. But one of the sad aspects of change is when an art form begins to fade. There are fears that this is what is happening to the fine art of Lefkaritiko Lace from Lefkara in Cyprus.

The intricacy of Lefkaritiko, worked meticulously by hand (source)

It is not an unusual story – the masters of the art are aging, younger people aren’t taking it up, tourists prefer to buy cheap copies rather than pay what these exquisite embroideries are worth.

It would be a tragedy to see such skill and knowledge disappear.

There is a positive that we can add to this story, however. There are dedicated embroiderers within our own industry who have taken the time to learn these traditional techniques from the masters. Christine P. Bishop immediately comes to mind as working tirelessly to preserve these skills.

A characteristic street scene in Lefkara (source)

It just reminds us how important it is to learn from and share with others, so that these skills continue to be practiced by generations to come.

To read more about the plight and future hopes of Lefkaritiko, click HERE.

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