17th April 2020

Unless you are familiar with Japanese embroidery, you may not have come across komas. These clever wooden tools are used to help the embroiderer couch threads and beads with even tension, acting just like an extra pair of hands, and we all know there are times we could use those!

Traditionally, komas were used with Japanese gold thread but they will also work with beads or any decorative thread which is to be couched down. 

Wrap the thread around the koma, then place it on your needlework or hold it in your non-stitching hand and feed the thread from the wooden spool. Keeping the koma close to your stitching helps you to maintain control over your thread as you couch it down.

The square ends of the koma ensure that it doesn’t roll around as so many round spools do.

Who hasn’t found themselves down on their hands and knees, following a long, unwound strand of thread to its mischievous source under the sofa?!

You can now purchase a beautiful pair of wooden komas from our website, perfect for couching a single thread or pairs of threads on any piece of embroidery.

Your stitch tension will be so much better, your knees will thank you and you’ll wonder how you ever stitched without them!


Margaret Lee
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